Corporate Team


"The University of Miami (UM) is fortunate to maintain a long-standing association with Josef Silny & Associates International Education Consultants (JS&A).  Formerly UM’s Director of International Admission, Mr. Silny has built a company that provides outstanding services in the field of international credentials and transcript evaluations.  JS&A has provided transcript evaluations for undergraduate students for many years  and now also provides the same service for graduate students applying to UM for admission.  JS&A also provides credentials evaluations and translation services for UM departments for the purposes of hiring foreign nationals.  Based on a wealth of experience in the fields of international education, credentials evaluations and translation services, JS&A consistently delivers excellent and professional services, including timely, fair and accurate evaluations and translations, high standards of document authentication, and dedicated customer service.  I greatly appreciate our good working relationship with JS&A and highly recommend their services."

John Haller, Vice President of Enrollment Management
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL


This letter is in reference to Josef Silny & Associates whom the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the University of Pittsburgh has worked with for the past four years. Their evaluation reports are completed in a timely and professional manner each and every time. Exceptional customer service is one of the main reasons we recommend Josef Silny & Associates. Any issue that arises we receive a response immediately and the issue is typically esolved within a few hours. We recommend to other offices within Pitt that they use JS&A due to the ease of reading their reports, thoroughness and accuracy. The company has tailored an application for Pitt applicants with exactly the type of report we require which makes the process very easy for students. They also send the reports to us via email which helps our office process applicants in a timely fashion. I highly recommend to both colleagues in the field and other University members the use of JS&A services."

Lauren Panetti
Senior Assistant Director
University of Pittsburgh

"I have worked with Josef Silny & Associates for many years as admissions director at various universities finding them to be the most user-friendly evaluation service available. Their work is accurate and dependable, and the service they provide to students is superior in that they are accessible, always willing to explain their process in a manner that is credible and consistent. The turn over is quick, and the work product is a reliable document that confirms their expertise. I have found that no matter how good colleges and universities are in the evaluation of foreign credentials, they cannot match the work of Josef Silny & Associates because JSA has the most up-to-date resource materials, the best trained and most competent evaluators, and they stay true to their mission of leading their industry in staying current on the many changes in educational systems that occur daily throughout the world. I recommend JSA to any admissions director who strives for consistency, accuracy and fairness in the evaluation of foreign credentials."

Rob Sheinkopf
Director of Enrollment Management
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"For nearly two decades, it has been my pleasure to work with Josef Silny & Associates as the primary company for foreign credential evaluations and translations. Silny evaluators have high standards; their staff members are thorough, skilled, and always professional. In addition to knowing that we will receive a quality product in a timely, efficient manner, Mr. Silny and his staff always offer just a little more…immediate online access to evaluations, terrific corporate services, competitive pricing, and campus visits are just a few examples of their excellent work."

Regina Schawaroch, M.S.
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Nova Southeastern University

"Barry University has a long standing relationship with Josef Silny & Associates International Education Consultants (JS&A) . We can always count on their evaluations and translations to be highly accurate and fair and, more importantly, we know that they hold very high standards for document authentication. Furthermore, JS&A values the element of personal touch in all of their work. I can always count on being able to speak to a staff member in person, not getting tymied by voice mail systems, when we have questions or need more information. I would encourage any educational institution to use their services because of their high standards, accuracy and dedication to customer service."

Dave Fletcher
Senior Director for Graduate Admissions
Barry University

"The Oregon Office of Degree Authorization has used Silny & Associates frequently, especially in tough cases involving obscure documentation. We have always appreciated your staff's helpful attitude and willingness to dig out obscure facts. In our role as the state's college evaluator and credential fraud investigator, we appreciate your thoroughness and understanding of our needs. As an enforcement agency, we need accuracy and we can't afford mistakes. Our years of working with your firm have shown that our trust is well placed."

Alan L. Contreras, J.D., Administrator
Oregon Office of Degree Authorization

"Both international students and staff at Miami Dade College are fortunate to be able to use the services of Josef Silny and Associates. The professionalism, courtesy and customer service provided are exemplary. Their outstanding reputation is known locally, nationally and internationally. Evaluations are top-notch!"

Dr. Paula Epstein
Director International Student Services
Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus

"Josef Silny & Associates has served the needs of Broward College for over 20 years providing professional expertise in evaluating foreign credentials of students and faculty, here in Florida and throughout the world where Broward has international centers and affiliates. Professional, efficient, prompt, reasonably priced and service with a smile are all apt descriptions of what Silny represents to us." 

David D. Moore, Ph.D.
Associate Vice-President for International Education
Broward College

"The University of South Florida has worked with Josef Silny & Associates for nearly 20 years.  We have complete confidence that evaluations for our applicants are accurate, timely, and thoroughly researched.  We can rest assured that the educational documents submitted for evaluation are authentic. We have recommended JSA& Associates to our applicants in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Their expertise has proved invaluable."

Pat Grossman
Associate Director of Admissions
University of South Florida


"It has been a pleasure to have worked with Josef Silny and to continue to promote his evaluating services to those smart administrators that can see a gain in using such an exceptional service.  I first met Joe when he was the Director of International Admissions at the University of Miami. I was his counterpart at Florida International University.  Joe has a passion for international education so when he left the University of Miami to open Josef Silny and Associates, Inc. I was not surprised.

During my tenure at Florida International University we engaged his services and this move proved to be most beneficial to FIU. His services reduced turn-around time in the evaluation of foreign credentials, created consistency of evaluation and also curtailed the need for additional staff.

There are many firms claiming to be experts in foreign evaluations. Josef Silny and Associates, Inc. is second to none. I highly recommend their services."

Carmen A. Brown
Vice President for Enrollment Management
The University of New Mexico

"Please accept this letter as a reference for Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.  Keiser University has 17 campuses throughout the state of Florida with approximately 20,000 students.  For the past 15 years Keiser University has relied on Josef Silny to provide us with consistent and timely evaluations for our international students.  I have personally been working with them for over 13 of those years and can share from experience that Josef Silny’s professionalism and service are second to none.  I find them to be very personable and willing to attend to our needs and our students’ needs in a timely manner."

Benjamin Shank
Director of International Development
Keiser University


"As our students come from 200 countries, either as international students, permanent residents or even U.S. citizens educated abroad, they all need to have their foreign credentials translated and evaluated by one of the NACES accredited evaluation agency. Josef Silny and his team have proven to be very efficient in the way they assist our students. Not only do they translate and evaluate the transcripts from all over the world in the timely matter; they also made themselves available to resolve any issue regarding students’ evaluations. At least once a year, Josef Silny & Associates offers free of charge training regarding foreign credential evaluation which is very helpful to better understand school systems from overseas. Their staff is always very friendly, service oriented and professional. We welcome the opportunity to continue working with our educational partners at Josef Silny & Associates, Inc."

Barbara Pletcher
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Florida Atlantic University


"El Paso Community College has had the privilege to work directly with Josef Silny & Associates International Education Consultants (JS&A) since 2000. JS&A and its distinguished consultants have provided us with professional, accurate and great quality translation and evaluation services for foreign transcripts and we maintain an excellent communication with their company.  JS&A has been our primary contact for the last nine years and we highly recommend their services to any institution."

Lucia Rosas
Faculty Credential Assistant
El Paso Community College

"On behalf of the University of Phoenix, Utah Campus, and our enrollment team - thank you! Your organization administers these requests with quickness, accuracy, and integrity. I will recommend your services to any that may enquire. Thank you once again for your professionalism and promptness."

Glen Seegrist
Enrollment Counselor
University of Phoenix, Utah Campus

"Thank you for the continuing services Silny and Associates offers to our college students and teachers at Lincoln College. It is vitally important for us to have an organization that makes consistently competent and well-informed evaluations of educational work done overseas. We feel confident in recommending Silny and Associates to our students and to others who are making a transition to the United States."

Raymond H. McKay
Lincoln University College
Universidad Nacional de San Martin - Escuela de Humanidades
Buenos Aires, Argentina

""What we truly enjoy about working with Josef Silny & Associates is the Customer Service they provide to our students and to our staff. They have an extremely knowledgeable group of evaluators, they are fair and accurate and they deliver on time. They also provide invaluable information to us in the form of workshops, access to online evaluations and the ability to always speak to a real person when we call. Here at Lynn University we have been recommending students to Josef Silny and Associates for many years and we have always been very happy with the work they have delivered to us."

Stefano Papaleo, MBA
Director of International and Graduate Admissions
Lynn University

"Three years ago, we compared several transcript evaluation companies over a six-month period and found Josef Silny & Associates to offer the best in value and service:
- Most cost-effective evaluation and translation services for international students
- Willingness to work one-on-one with our international admission counselor
- Consistency in meeting their promised timeline for services
We decided to use Josef Silny & Associates exclusively for our students and I recommend this company without reservations.”

Buck James
Vice-President for Enrollment Services
Palm Beach Atlantic University

"Oglethorpe University has consistently used Josef Silny & Associates International Education Consultants.  Their evaluators are thorough and accurate. Silny’s service is reliable and is supported by staff that is willing to answer questions or respond to inquiries. They have visited our campus to extend the personal touch and to update us on their range of services and products and have supported our on-campus activities. I have no reservation in recommending Josef Silny & Associates to any institution or organization."

Philip M. Peroune
Associate Director of Admission
Designated School Official
Oglethorpe University

""Georgia Tech has been using Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., International Education Consultants for several years. We have found the company to be responsive to our needs, and to the diverse circumstances that our applicants present.
With limited internal staff, and the challenge of evaluating transcripts from countries throughout the world, Silny allows us to quickly and accurately serve our international applicant pool."

Rick Clark
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Georgia Tech


“Our admission packet includes the application from Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., International Education Consultants, which is the service we feel best meets the needs of the applicant and Georgia State.”

Georgia State University - Office of Admissions' Website

"Josef Silny and Associates have evaluated international documents for Georgia State University since 1995. They are extremely knowledgeable, always provide excellent customer service and are great people to work with. If we ever have a question, we can always count on them for immediate and expert assistance!"

Ms. Lan Nguyen
International Admissions Counselor
Georgia State University


"Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. was referred to me by a corporate client several years ago.  I was immediately struck by their professionalism and attention to detail.  I appreciate how I can pick up the phone and call them and a person answers the phone right away.  No other credential evaluation company that I have used in the past has been able to provide this level of service.  I know that when I recommend Josef Silny & Associates to fellow co-workers that they will have the same experience as I have had time and time again.”

Mike Mobley
Manager, Corporate Enrollment Management
Bellevue University

"I am writing to recommend the services of Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. The Florida Board of Professional Engineers has relied on the services of Josef Silny for over 20 years to perform credential evaluations for engineering professionals. We have found their reports to be consistently clear and concise, precisely following our laws and rules.

Over the years, we have relied upon Mr. Silny and his staff to evaluate foreign engineering degrees with a high level of accuracy. Whenever we have had questions, he is always responsive and helpful. His company is one of only two evaluators we accept for licensure applicants."

Zana Raybon
Executive Director
Florida Board of Professional Engineers


I’m writing in reference to Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. In my capacity as a Nursing Education Consultant and as Director of Nursing Education, at the Florida Board of Nursing (FBON), I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. Silny and his team of evaluators, since 2008. Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., have provided credentials evaluation reports for the FBON for more than 10 years. The company met approval criteria as outlined in Florida Board of Nursing Rule 64B9-3.014, Florida Administrative Codes.

The credentials evaluation reports are comprehensive and easy to follow. If a discrepancy is noted or clarification is requested, Mr. Silny and his staff are professional and prompt in their responses to facilitate expeditious solutions. Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., would be an asset to any entity considering employ of the agency’s services."

Sherri Sutton-Johnson, MSN, RN, CCHW, DrPH(c)
Director, Nursing Education


"The New Mexico Board of Nursing recognizes Josef Silny and Associates, Inc. as a credentialing agency providing guidance to their clients regarding their academic transcripts from their international educational institution for nursing licensure."

Debra Werner, RN MSN
Associate Director
New Mexico Board of Nursing

"I first met Mr. Silny about 25 years ago, when I travelled abroad with other university representatives on a recruitment trip to Southeast Asia.  Because of his expertise and experience, he was quickly accepted as mentor to our group.  I also got to know him personally as well.  As runners, he and I jogged many streets together, from Seoul to Singapore.
I mention this experience because I can confidently say that Mr. Silny and his staff will provide exemplary service in the most competent and caring way.  And my personal experience has been that he will respond quickly to individual questions and inquiries.  In fact, I was shocked recently to receive an email from him while he was on vacation abroad!
Without hesitation I recommend Silny and Associates to your institution for credential evaluation services."

Bobby Johnson, Ed.D.
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
University of West Georgia




"I want to take the opportunity to thank Josef Silny & Associates for over 12 years of outstanding service in support of the field of academic immigration. My first experience with Josef Silny & Associates stands out in my mind because a prominent scientist from Eastern Europe had a Kandidat nauk that had been equated at the Bachelors level by another company.  The scientist was frustrated and my employer, at that time, was at risk of losing the scientist. When we sought alternatives from the immigration attorney’s in our community, Mr. Silny came highly recommended as one of the leading experts in European credentials.  Based on his expertise and familiarity with the university system, it was determined that the scientist did indeed have a doctoral level degree.  Since that time we have received evaluations of degrees issued from all corners of the world. On occasion we have needed certain experience evaluations which have been comprehensive and well supported.  We have had nothing but high quality, credible, reliable evaluations and responsive client service."

Michele Stelljes
HR Immigration Specialist
The Methodist Hospital System


"In the Spring of 2007 when the University of South Carolina started to require a foreign credential evaluation for every international student, the athletic department turned to Josef Silny & Associates International Education Consults to meet our needs. We have had a great experience with Silny.  Their service is reliable, thorough and affordable.  We have a primary contact person and are able to call or email any time with questions or inquiries.  We were able to have the service direct billed, when other evaluation companies would not.  We would recommend Silny to another university or organization without hesitation."

Katherine Brown
University of South Carolina


"I have worked with Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. for over 6 years now, and I have found them to be professional and courteous. They have been a vital part in the transition of an international student into the American educational system. I know that whenever I or my students have a question that they are there to assist."

Timothy J. Wilson
Instructor/International Student Advisor/
Marketing Coordinator Center for Multilingual Multicultural Studies
University of Central Florida


"As an immigration lawyer I am frequently in need of translation and education evaluation services. My firm has relied on the expertise and efficiency of Josef Silny since 1993.
Josef and his team are considered experts and I would not hesitate in recommending him to any client or colleague."

David J. Hart


"For many, many years our FIU ELI [Florida International University, English Language Institute] students have used JS&A for the translation and evaluation of their credentials. Our students have always been pleased with the results, and have recommended JS&A to their friends. 
The ELI has also used JS&A services to translate its website information into 14 different languages! We are getting more hits due to the excellent job done by JS&A translation department. 
I highly recommend JS&A. They do a great job!"

Luis Sanchez
English Language Institute 
School of International and Public Affairs, Arts & Sciences
Florida International University